Russel Westbrook official announcement to leave the team!

This season’s Lakers are undoubtedly one of the most surprising teams in the league for fans, as James surprisingly did not lead the team to the playoffs.

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The Lakers’ Big Three of James, Russel Westbrook and Davis had a poor rapport, and the uneven distribution of possessions among the three on the court caused the team to struggle on the verge of winning games this season. Eventually the Lakers’ struggling season ended as the Lakers officially missed the playoffs.

The news about the Lakers’ off-season staff purge has been growing lately, as to who the Lakers’ first departure is? Everyone is in speculation.

However, now it seems that the Lakers have signs of trading the first player to leave the team, this player is Russel Westbrook, one of the Lakers’ Big Three!

The news came so suddenly that many fans knew that Russel Westbrook was likely to be traded, but no one expected that the trade would take place so soon.

As for which team Russel Westbrook will be traded to, there is no news yet, but one thing is certain, from Russel Westbrook shutting down the Lakers and deleting all the news about the Lakers, it is likely that the Lakers management and Russel Westbrook have talked about this matter.

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And now that James is no longer harboring Russel Westbrook, James’ attitude is very crucial for the Lakers.

Plus James himself has the idea of leaving the Lakers, the Lakers this time is likely to stay James, choose to directly trade Russel Westbrook who is not performing well in the season!

Russell Westbrook joins the Lakers

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Rasel Westbrook is a very good American professional basketball player, he was born in 1988 in Long Beach, California, U.S. Westbrook’s main position on the court is point guard. On July 30 this year, just past the 2020-2021 season, the original Wizards Westbrook and the Lakers have reached a deal to officially determine the Lasser Westbrook to join the Los Angeles Lakers, now Westbrook just played for the Los Angeles Lakers, with James, the thick brow brother formed the new Lakers Big Three.

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Which team does Russell Westbrook play for now?

Russell Westbrook was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2008 NBA draft and played for the Thunder for 11 years before being traded to the Houston Rockets, and then traded to the Washington Wizards after one season with the Rockets. Then, from that day on, Westbrook will officially play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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How many jerseys does Westbrook wear?

Before Westbrook officially joined the Lakers have been “0” jersey owner, he is also the most powerful “0” player in the minds of many people, and then join the Lakers when it is “0 The “0” jersey. Many of our fans know that Westbrook is a native of Los Angeles, and since he began his NBA career, he has not played for the Los Angeles Lakers once, so this time the franchise is also the home of this one wanderer. Will be with the original Lakers James and Brow to form the new Lakers Big Three.

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Lakers Nets swap players!

The NBA league has two teams this season that have taken fans by surprise, one is the “James team” of the Lakers and the other is the “Durant team” of the Nets. These two teams have the most all-star players in the league, and the top three players in the league, but one did not even make the playoffs, one playoff round.

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Just after both teams stopped playing in the playoffs, both teams are also seeing a rebuild in the off-season, and the moves are not small. The Nets have as many as seven players with expiring contracts this summer, and several players are either retiring or leaving the team. The Lakers are ready to break up the Big Three and send Howard away. Howard hoped the Lakers would give him a three-year contract of about $10 million to end his career. But now it seems that Howard wants to stay with the team, but the Lakers don’t want it yet! Because the Lakers have rejected Howard’s request and are ready to bring in a starting center who can replace Davis.

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Let Davis play the power forward position is one of the Lakers’ ideas, and as a replacement, Howard is too old to play for much longer, so the Lakers will not renew Howard’s contract. But what surprised fans is that Howard, who wasn’t able to join the Nets last season, is ready to seek a contract with the Nets this season. With the Bucks Griffin leaving the team and Ade retiring soon, the Bucks are also in need of a center player, plus Durant’s relationship, Howard joining the Bucks is not a difficult task. But the Lakers are looking at the Nets’ Claxton, the Nets have refused to offer Clxton a high salary because his playoff free throws are so bad, but where free throws are accurate, the Nets are not to be swept.

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Claxton, who hasn’t proven himself, is worth about $7 million a year in the market, and the Lakers have limited payroll space at the moment. The best option is to take Claxton through a sign-and-trade. Claxton is only 23 years old and although he is a bad free throw shooter, he still has the ability to get to the basket. If the Lakers can take Claxston’s contract, there are great benefits for future development.

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